Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Pitchforths

My mother's maiden name is Pitchforth. Two of my brothers have Pitchforth as their middle name (Robert and John). It's (obviously) not a very common name.

A few years after I moved to Boston, I was driving down some random road in Arundel, Maine and as I drove by a mailbox noticed it said PITCHFORTH on it! Are you kidding me?!? No way! I stopped the car and took a photo of the mailbox and sent it to Grandmother Pitchforth who was still living (I need to find the negative to that photo). My brother Robert/Robes visited within a year of that and we went to Maine and we found that mailbox. Robes was more daring than I and decided we should drive down the road to meet the Pitchforths. So we did. Barry Pitchforth was taking a nap on a picnic table but got up and had a short visit with us. I thought he resembled Grandpa Pitchforth (my mom's father). Barry called his parents that day and told them that we had stopped by and he told them that Robes reminded him of his side of the family (which is funny because Robes and my dad look a lot alike).

A year or so after my friend Brian married Jenifer he called me one night and asked if I was related to Ann Hughlings Pitchforth. Of course I was and asked him why. Turns out his wife Jenifer is related to her too. Now we call each other cousin.

Last night I went to dinner and a movie with my friends Alicia, Leah, Jenn, Alicia's brother Micah and his wife Morgan. [You know where this is going...] I asked Morgan where she was from and she said Minersville (that's in Utah) and I told her I had family that lived there--the Pitchforths. She got a funny look on her face and said she was related to some Pitchforths. Minersville is tiny (from trusty Wikipedia: Minersville is a town in Beaver County, Utah. The population was 817 at the 2000 census). Told ya.

Morgan's great-grandfather and my Grandpa Pitchforth were brothers.

It's a small world after all. It's a small, small world.


Wade said...

It may be a small world but I still wouldn't want to paint it. Thank you Steven Wright.

Alicia said...

Like I say, "There is always a connection to Ellen Patton somewhere!" It was a fun night. I'm pretty sure I can call you cousin now!!!!!

Sweeney Household said...

I'm so happy to be related to my cool cousin and now to Alicia and all the other "cousins" out there! We are all SUPER COOL. :)

jksfam said...

I bet I'm related to you, too! If not, I would like to be!

Mandy said...

You are going to die . . . my dad's whole side of the family is from Minersville. I even lived there for a couple of years as a little kid. Small small world!

gigi said...

How cool is that?? I love when that happens.

Julie said...

So which brother is she related to?
funny how we have cousins everywhere..and we thought it was just the patton/pitchforths!

Amy said...

That is so great!!!

(Crafting by Candlelight)

Anita said...

It must be his brother Gene. His daughter Florence Wood lived in Minersville.
My favorite Pitchforth story is from our trip to England several years ago. Mom and Julie still had the last name and we were registering at a B&B in Yorkshire (where our Pitchforths are from). The guy looked at their names and said, "Pitchforth, that's quite a common name isn't it?"
That is definately not something I had ever heard when it was my name!!
Cousin Anita

Jenny said...

No wonder you love Maine~

Laura Ann Jordan said...

lol, you inspire me to want to know my family history better. i wouldn't know where to start.

wayne said...

I was just googleing my my 3rd ggm ANN HUGLINGS PITCHYFORTH's name and came upon this sight so i just had to post. My Grandma was the granddaughter of Samuel Pitchforth that helped settle Nephi, UT. Back then it was called Salt Creek. My grandma tolod me stories about how Ann and Samuel joined the LDS church and their coming to the US and their trek across the plains to Utah. . She also told a story about the orgin of the name so if you would like email me and I will send you the stories.

Keith said...


Mind if a Pitchforth from the other side of the Pond comments?

Anit may remember I called her a few years back and corresponded with Marcus Smith who sent me Samuel's diary.

I've got quite a lot on the Family before they moved to the US. I wrote it up into a book about five years ago.

I've still been collecting material.

Wayne said:My grandma told me stories about how Ann and Samuel joined the LDS church and their coming to the US and their trek across the plains to Utah. . She also told a story about the orgin of the name

I'd be rally thrilled to hear them

Keith in UK