Tuesday, April 25, 2017

BIG tent

I wish this tent was for The Great British Baking Show instead of a MIT event.  #mylatestbinge #nicespunge

Monday, April 24, 2017

Meet Miles

Any friend of my nephew Ian's is a friend of mine.  I loved meeting Miles and taking him to Kimballs.

Lunch buddies

#dayoff #picnicatspypond @marydstaples

No what???

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Boston Cream Pie

After all these years in Boston I finally made a Boston Cream Pie!  Paul Hollywood would have something to say about how it looks (I've been watching The Great British Baking Show) but I'm pretty sure it will taste good.  #confidentbaker #starbakerhahaha #partofitwasmadeatmidnight #ilovetobake Recipe here.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dinner at Bon Me

It was great to meet up with Rebekah Crawford (former Arlington Warder) last night for dinner at Bon Me.  They moved to Boston as a young couple for her husband to attend grad school at The Big H (that's what I call Harvard) and their three kids were born here.  I love that friends come back and visit for lots of reasons.  She's getting a Ph.D. and is in town for a conference.  #arlingtonwardfriendsareforever #movebackcrawfords

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I saw this antique on a walk at MIT

Mexican chicken soup for lunch

I bring baked goods to work to share.  Today my friend brought Mexican chicken soup and shared it with me.  It's muy bueno.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sister Fat

When I was in the temple on Saturday and older gentleman asked my name. I said, "Sister Patton." He loudly replied, "PAT?" I said again, "Sister Patton." Then he said "PACK?" I spoke louder and said, "Patton like General Patton" and he yelled "FAT?" Then the man sitting next to him helped him figure out my name. #sealerneedsahearingaid #thanksforthelettersBIGboggle #iammormon #templehumor

The Boss

This morning while driving to work I finished listening to “Born to Run” on CD. Wow. I loved it. The best part was that Bruce Sprinsteen himself read his book. This book is an honest, raw biography of my favorite rock star. I learned about Bruce from my brother Robes who seriously was his #1 fan. Really. My first Springsteen concert (and I think I’ve been to 7 or maybe 8 between LA, Boston, and Miami) was at the LA Sports Arena with Robes. I was shocked when Robes stood on his chair and sang and danced and screamed; I had never seen Robes like that! Springsteen is an amazing performer (3+ hour concerts--the best!). I’ve bought keychains at the last few concerts I’ve gone to and I buried them at Robes’ grave in Florida. I enjoyed hearing about Bruce's life and how he became famous, his family relationships, and about his wife and kids. One of my favorite things he said (about his kids) is, “As parents you are their audience; they are not meant to be yours.” And I loved what he said about his wife Patti Scialfa: "I let Patti know me." He had a strong connection to LA and he talked about riding his motorcycle for miles in Southern California; all places I’ve been. Anyway, part of me is sad that the book is over. Good thing I have a copy of the book and this poster on my bedroom wall to remind me that Bruce is The Boss. #epcondo2017 #brucespringsteen

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Chipmans

The Chipmans came over for dinner!  Their oldest was sick and didn't make it but people, they have SIX girls!  I'm envious of their sisterhood.  We have lots of mutual friends and I've known about them for years so it was fun to finally share a meal together.  #newbffs #commonrables #bostonfriendsarethebestfriends

Meatloaf for dinner

When you invite a family of 8 over for dinner you double-ish the meatloaf recipe.

Helping the new deacon tie his tie

#arlingtonwarddeaconsareforever #arlingtonwardfriendsareforever

A collage of antiques from yesterday

I didn't buy anything but saw lots of great stuff.  #epramblesaroundnewengland2017 #sincewhenisthatphoneanantique

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cool house

I like this house and went back to get a photo.  #nophotographicregrets #epramblesaroundnewengland2017

Is Jesse Pinkman hiding out in Connecticut?!?

#breakingbad #epramblesaroundnewengland2017

Hartford Temple

I rambled to the Hartford Connecticut Temple today.  I've been wanting to get back here to do some work since the open house.  It's a beautiful, peaceful place.  The prayer blessed those with heavy hearts.  #tendermercy #hartfordldstemple #iammormon #epramblesaroundnewengland2017

Hartford Temple

I rambled to the Hartford Connecticut Temple today.  I've been wanting to get back here to do some work since the open house.  It's a beautiful, peaceful place.  The prayer blessed those with heavy hearts.  #tendermercy #hartfordldstemple #iammormon

20 years

20 years ago today my brother (Robert) Robes -- a devoted young father, loving husband, gifted sports writer, dedicated LDS bishop and genuine great guy filled with joie de vivre -- was diagnosed with an anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor. When I called him to find out the results from the MRI he had the day before and found out the news I was stunned. The doctor told him the tumor was the size of a golf ball, deeply rooted in the right side of his brain, and he should be very alarmed. He had gone to his appointment alone so he had to drive home and tell my sister-in-law Kim the news. I had secretly hoped his health issues were a problem with his pituitary gland (isn't it one the smallest glands?). Robes had the worst side effects from steroids and then brain surgery (and received the official diagnosis of brain cancer), followed by radiation, chemo, and many more horrible things and 18 months and 3 days after March 25th he passed away. I miss my brother every day. His death was a huge loss to his young family. I want a cure for cancer. WE NEED A CURE FOR CANCER. #ihatebraintumors #canceryouarecruel #pattonmemories Note: this was his byline photo for the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel (he covered the Miami Heat, golf, NCAA playoffs, bowl games and more).

Breakfast of champions

Oh and I just fixed my own windshield wiper.  Bam.  #givemeabiscuit #epramblesaroundnewengland2017

Breakfast of champions

And I just fixed my own windshield wiper.  Bam.  #epramblesaroundnewengland2017

Friday, March 24, 2017


There's a relatively new Greek restaurant down the street from MIT called Saloniki.  I went there for lunch today.  And yesterday.  Both times I had the Nico classic pita with lemon-oregano chicken and tzatziki.  It's delicious.  Is it weird to want to be rolled in a life size pita when I die?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ann Romney's recipe

I guess I have some semblance of self control if I haven't eaten one cookie.  Yet.  #madeatmidnight #annromneyrecipe

TBT: the Pattons

We had professional photos taken every year.  Side story: Robert asked once why he didn't have red hair.  My mom's reply was, "the question is, 'why do they have red hair'?"  We have a great grandparent on each side that had red hair.  #pattonmemories #someonehadashiner #ilovemybigtooth