Thursday, May 24, 2018

TBT: Nan always bought school pictures

#oldschool #pattonmemories #gaultstreetelementary

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dinner with a friend

I thoroughly enjoyed having dinner at LaVictoria with Kiersten before she leaves Boston.  #arlingtonwardfriendsareforever #ihatewardsplits #howisutahbigenoughforsomanyofmyfriends

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Judy's birthday

One of my best days ever was the day I spent in Queens with a van full of friends helping with clean-up after hurricane Sandy.  Judy Pate was there and she was such a good worker.  She ripped up a hardwood floor in no time.  Judy's birthday is today.  I miss her.  I miss our candid conversations.  I miss her zest for life.  I miss visiting her.  She passed away from cancer 2 1/2 years ago.  #arlingtonwardfriendsareforever #cancersucks


I was at Market Basket tonight and asked a young gal who was stocking shelves if they had Velveeta cheese.  She said, "is it a fancy cheese?"  I said NO, it's white trashy, bright orange, and doesn't need to be refrigerated.  She seemed surprised and suggested I look near the deli.  I found it between the eggs and milk.  #gofigure #makingarecipefromMagnoliaTable #fancycheesesonly


This is what happens when I'm taking a photo and not paying attention.  "Ack!  Can I have a cup?" #ineedaninstagramhusband

Seen on the Mass. Ave. bridge (walking to TJMaxx)

Monday, May 21, 2018

Happy Birthday, Adrie!

#firstmarriedbirthday #pattonmemories

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Emily is moving to Texas!

My friend Emily graduated with her MBA from Columbia last Sunday (#NBD) and she's moving to Waco.  Yep, to work at Magnolia.  I found this pin for her on eBay.  I can't wait to visit her!  #arlingtonwardfriendsareforever

This car!

#redmustang #streetphotography

Today in Arlington Ward microfashion


Ride for Research

Our family/friends have had a team "Patton's Army" participate in the Brain Tumor Association ride for 21 years until today.  I wasn't up for riding (#outofshape) or fundraising.  I know hundreds of people rode today and I hope someday there will be a cure.  #ihatebraintumors #pattonmemories

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Today is my anniversary of me arriving in Boston!  I moved here site-unseen with an address, phone number, and one friend.  It was probably the best decision I ever made.  Today I rambled around and took photos of the places I've lived (5 first floor apartments in two-family houses) before I bought my condo in a converted school.  Each place had beautiful hard wood floors, character and charm and felt like home: 30 Bower Street, 32 Walnut Street, 27 Silk Street, Paul Revere Road, 77 Bow Street and 1475 Massachusetts Ave. #230.  #ilovewhereilive #fromLAtoBoston #ephometour


I rambled to Lyndell's Bakery this afternoon and bought a dozen of my favorite small chocolate eclairs.  #treatformybostonversary

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday dinner

I had the delightful Wessmans over for dinner tonight.  #makenewfriends


I love when people ask if I want an old typewriter.  #thisonewasinaredcase #andwhataboutthatONEredkey

Pink cast

Ginger brought a sharpie to church so I could sign her cast.  #arlingtonwardfriendsareforever

The gap!

I love it!  #arlingtonwardfriendsareforever

Rich Nelson is in town

I love when Arlington Ward alums visit.  Rich is in town for his Harvard Law School reunion.  Bring on the hashtag...#arlingtonwardfriendsareforever

New deacon

The newest and maybe most serious Arlington Ward deacon.  #arlingtonwardyouthareawesome

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Lots of weekend baking

I made Milk Bar corn cookies, blueberry orange muffins (shown here), a Texas sheet cake, and more blueberry orange muffins.  When I made these muffins I didn't read the recipe all the way through (rookie mistake).  Oops!  Does that mean I made them wrong or I made up my own recipe?!?  #cantstopbaking #ilovetobake

Hired help

My friend Emily is earning money for a summer humanitarian trip to Nicaragua.  I hired her today to clean my tub, organize a closet and check dates on food storage and toss any expired food.  She just said, "some of this food is older than I am."  She's 17 but still.  #embarrassing #oyveytossittoday


#blackchalkboardpaint #paintedatmidnight #epcondo2018

Friday, April 20, 2018



$10 shirt at Target

I want to buy one for every girl I know.  And I want one too so can we get it in big girl sizes?  @target