Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kimballs: #5

I went to Kimballs tonight (for the 5th time so far this summer) with a few friends. This time I had Moo Tracks (vanilla ice cream, chocolate swirls and peanut butter cups). You can't go wrong with Moo Tracks.

This photo was taken earlier this summer (remember, I'm digital camera-less right now). I'll call it "quaint New England".


Soelbergs said...

Thanks for my birthday card!!! You are probably the most thoughtful person ever. You meet me once, find out my brithday, and then send me a card. Somewhere in there, you had to find out my address (which I know is not listed) so I know you went out of your way to send your homemade card. It was such a suprise. Thank you!!! You are an inspiration. I'm so glad we got to meet you.

Erica Soelberg
(Janalee's sister-in-law)

Kim said...

Thanks for coming over and joining my giveaway.

Becky said...

wish i could have gone with you. but thanks for rescuing me last nigiht. (good grief)

Jenny said...

I think once we conquer the enemy, we ought to go the Kimball's and celebrate.
I call their sign "in support of provident living." OR don't buy what you can't afford.
It's a good policy.

lambie-pie said...

Hey, who are you having a yard sale with? I meant to tell you the other day- thanks for Ansley's little birthday mail! That was so cute, I'll save it for her scrapbook. She was excited to have her very own money! (although she doesn't really understand what it's all about, just that the boys get all excited about it!)