Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I had absolutely no intention of blogging about getting a mammogram today. It's painful and private. But I can't help it. There I was -- trapped in a huge vice grip -- and the tech said to me, "Don't move."

Are you kidding me?



Jennifer said...


You are too funny. That is one thing I am not looking forward to.

Sweeney Household said...

I love that picture! I was supposed to get a "m-gram" 4 years ago, and I chickened out. Then my OB told me to get one 6 mo. ago. I still haven't. I'm scared! (Since my mom had breast cancer, they want to be safe...) Ignorance is bliss????

Jodi & Jesse said...

Ellen I am so proud of you for having your Mammo! I have to have them early now since I have such a large family history of cancer and they are not fun but so important!!

rolana said...

ROFL! that is hilarious. sorry to laugh about your pain, but great job on getting it done. i agree with jodi, so important!

Mels said...

I am sorry that it was painful, but I am glad that you are so on top of your health!!
(I take calcium, which should count for something.)
See you next week!!

Leslie said...

They always tell me, "Don't breathe" and I want to laugh out loud... but I can't breathe.

Get one! Some dates are worse than a mammo! Childbirth is too.

My mother-in-law's breast cancer was found before it was even a lump because of a mammogram. My grandmother died from breast cancer in the early 80s. Her daughter, my aunt has been a survivor for 9 years.

Rebecca said...

Good for you, Ellen. I thought this post was great. I sent it to me sisters. I miss my mom every day and think if she only saw a doctor regularly and had the mammo early on, she just might be here today. I'll go in for my first mammo soon....not fun, but well worth it.

Mindy said...

tears streaming down my face. thank you for sharing.

Jenny said...

You need to post this link to my comments. LOVE.IT.