Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas cards

One of my favorite things about Christmas is receiving Christmas cards. I keep them in a tin on my coffee table all year 'round (can you technically call it a coffee table if you don't drink coffee?). My favorites are the ones with photos. And it's fun to get cards with photos that I've taken. I didn't take any of these photos but they are some of my favorites.

I've been organizing/sorting/tidying things up in my condo today and it feels good. My vacation is half over but I'm making the best of it. As long as I can't remember how to get to work on January 2nd it will feel like a great vacation!


Sarah said...

I agree, Christmas cards with pictures are the best! Also, I never though about the whole calling it a coffee table if you don't drink coffee thing...what would you call it instead?

Sweeney Household said...

How many cards did you receive this year? :) It's amazing to me how many people you know. The cards represented here show some pretty creative photography and card-making skills! As you know, I love cards, paper, etc. etc.

amy said...

I feel as if I've won a major award by being chosen as one of your favorites!! I'd first like to thank my photographer and also my cutest kiddos whom make all our photographs fabulous!!
Glad you liked it!! Rock on!

Robilyn said...

I too feel like I won an award! The Lake's made Ellen's blog! Yeah! Glad you liked the card! Happy New Year!