Sunday, December 31, 2006

Tidying up for the new year

Last night my friend Katy and I and took the ornaments and eight strands of lights off my Christmas tree. Then we dismantled it (no small task since it was about eight feet high), labeled the bags and put it in the crawl space. We cleaned and tidied up the crawl space too. I have the coolest crawl space ever (even though I can't really stand up in it and I'm only 5'2")! Ask my niece Adrienne. She loves wearing her pioneer dress while playing in it. I think I mentioned before that I live in a converted high school. My unit was part of the auditorium. The floor of my crawl space was the floor of the auditorium. See those marks on the floor? That is where the auditorium seats used to be! Pretty cool. Last night Katy helped me shop-vac all the dust (from a broken dryer vent) and organize the space. I tossed lots of junk and boxes and it looks really cool now! I want to hang out in there more often!

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Swoopref said...

...converted Junior High School.