Sunday, August 01, 2010

Heading back to the Emerald Isle

The Irish Whites are heading back to Ireland this week. I'm not happy about them leaving (or anyone for that matter) but am glad they've been in the Arlington Ward for six years (her husband's work sent him here for 3 years which extended to 6 years). Debbie looks like a) she doesn't know me or b) she's had a bit of the Guinness in this photo.

Debbie is HIL-arious! She's got the greatest Irish accent and is very funny. She is a great story teller, a true Saint, and a dear friend. My favorite story she tells is when one of the little kids at the elementary school she works at asked her why she was speaking Spanish!!

Farewell Whites. God be with you til we meet again.


lime said...

Maybe they'll fly you to Ireland to take their family photos :)
You're a tough soul to put up with so many friends leaving. But I heard Tory Thompson is moving to Boston :)

Stevis and Renee said...

that's horrible news...