Friday, October 21, 2011

Big Move

Jenn's move was tonight. They (EQ Movers) tried move a big, heavy dresser/armoire over the balcony (after 30 minutes of trying to move it down the stairs and out the front door). I yelled to them, "say a prayer!" I heard one of the guys say, "there isn't a guy up here not saying a prayer." The railing broke and it was kind of scary! Plan B was to pull the top off--and then it fit down the hall and out the door. Then they lowered a couch off the balcony. The truck is totally loaded (between the engineers, Tetris champs, and lots of experienced movers) and Jenn and Adler are on their way to Oklahoma. It's a huge loss for the Arlington Ward family but they'll be back to visit.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

So crazy!!!

I can still hear you screaming, Abort! Abort!

I'm relieved that no one fell off or through the roof.

The EQ movers are awesome. I would have been lost with out there help.