Monday, October 11, 2010

A stop on the way home: West Point

My plan was to travel home today by way of the Hudson River Valley. It's one of my favorite areas of the country. I got derailed (lost) within minutes of my leaving my friend's home so I went back to their street and backtracked the way I got there Friday night and hopped on the Garden State Parkway. When I stopped the first time I got the Atlas out of my trunk (how old fashioned of me--but mapquest drives me nuts). My plan was to stop at West Point. I visited there years ago and I've known two cadets who have gone there. The first time I visited, I stopped at the cemetery and to my surprise saw the grave of a friend's brother. He died while serving his mission and I believe their dad taught at West Point at the time and that is why he was buried there.Today I couldn't remember where his grave was so I went into the chapel and looked through the notebook and found what section it was in. I love the rocks on the top of the marker. I'm sure someone who loves and misses him put them there. West Point is a beautiful place. Unfortunately I only saw a few cadets in uniform (probably because it was Columbus Day).


Carolyn said...

These are some really cool pictures. I need to go there some time.

Melanie said...

I've never seen WestPoint. Beautiful pics. I liked the rocks on the headstone too. We do that when we visit my sister/mom's graves.