Tuesday, February 26, 2013

There's a lot of love in this photo - Feb 26th

This is my brother John with his daughter Emily (in Portland last month).  I think Emily was about 6 when Robyn and John got married.  John's crazy about her and is happy to be a grandpa to her little boy Xander.


julianna said...

His stepson, Jared, was in my Primary classes for several years... Jeanne Ondelacy and Jenni Rogers and I all had a secret nickname for him and teased his unmercifully. Fun times!

Jonette Burk said...

Without this photo and blog I would continue to search for this kind and caring man...John P Patton. I am so grateful for your blog and photo. I am so happy for Emily, Robyn and John. Congratulations to them. My name is Jonette Chase Burk. I believe the Patton family were neighbors to the Chase family a very long time ago. Please let them know I am wishing the Patton family well.
Jonette Chase Burk. (MR. Noah's cousin)