Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Meet Silver Belle!

I got my (new to me) car last night! My friends and I stopped at Chili's to celebrate. Then we talked in the parking lot. [I love telling stories.] It was after midnight. When I backed out of the parking spot my friend said, "I think you have a flat tire." She was right. I called AAA. They said help would be there within an hour. An hour? To my surprise (and relief) help was there within about 12 minutes (I called Customer Service today to say thank you). Silver Belle is wearing a donut tire and should be repaired and ready for registration and plates by tomorrow--fingers crossed!

I think Silver Belle and I will have many great adventures together! Already have...!


cay said...

Looks like you got yourself a car with some sass, a great sense of humor, or an attitude. I hope it's the former two!! Congrats!

gigi said...

Congrats on the new to you car.
Sorry about the flat tire.

Anonymous said...

Finally - new car news. Looking forward to hearing what you chose and how you chose it. Someday we'll need car buying advice. SS Cuz

Alicia said...

I love silver belle and I'm glad I got to be part of her first adventure!

Jenny said...

can't wait to meet her in person!
sweet rims

Mandy said...

Seriously? The FIRST day you have it? Way to keep your chin up about it!
We'll be needing a full picture of you and Silver Belle together please!

rolana said...

i bet you love her and her a/c!

LL said...

CUTE. Love the color. Can't wait to cruise in your new ride.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday-June 18th! Thinking of you and can't believe college wasn't yesterday. Thanks for lots of fun and great memories-way to go "50"!
Love ya,
Ann, a much older than you, Bobette