Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Everyone needs a trusty mechanic

Last night I noticed the "check engine" light was on. COME ON, SILVER BELLE! We've been together two weeks. I DON'T NEED CAR PROBLEMS!

I called "my mechanic" this morning and he said to drop by on my way to work and he'd hook the car up to the computer and see what the problem was. [That's called nice.] I was there in 7 minutes and he figured out it was something with evaporation and the fuel line (?). He turned the "check engine" light off for me and then checked where you put gas in. The cap wasn't tight and he thinks that was the problem. I pumped gas for the first time in Maine (full serve gas stations are more common than self serve in Boston) and must not have tightened the cap enough. Oops!

I'm livin' and learnin' with Silver Belle.


Swoopref said...

CHECK OWNER light is now on.

LL said...

cars have too many lights and signals...they cause me great stress.
My airbag light is on. You might call yourself and old bag...but it's better than an AIR bag.

Carolyn said...

Do you mean that it was your first time pumping your own gas with Silver Belle? Or do you mean this is your first time ever????

Jodi said...

I did the exact same thing in Santa Barbara. It cost us $90 just for them to tell us the gas cap wasn't tight enough! Boo.

Alecia said...

Is there a photo of Silver Belle somewhere? I'd like to see her, please!