Thursday, June 25, 2009


Condolences to the Jackson family but hey I have a good "brush with fame" story. It was the afternoon of New Year's Eve in the early 80's (Michael's short pants, white glove, Thriller era) and I was at the Sherman Oaks Galleria Mall with my mom looking for something to wear to the New Year's Eve church dance that night. I looked over and there he was. Michael Jackson walking through the mall. My mom didn't believe me. But it was him.

If the Jacksons had gone to public school they would have gone to our high school (Birmingham) and they lived in our ward boundaries. I used to drive by their house on my way to work (their trash day was Thursday----just kidding, I don't really remember that).

Weird or not, it's sad when someone young dies.


Leslie said...

My parents bought our piano form the Baldwin dealer on Ventura Blvd. So I took free piano lessons for a while there as part of the deal. In my class La Toya. It was one of those set-ups where you wore headphones and the pianos were plugged into the teacher's. She had a lot of family watching her through the windows.

gigi said...

You're just to cool!

Carla from Georgia said...

Remember the summer of 1984 when I was visiting you in L.A. You took me by M.J.'s house in Encino. (before Neverland) Cool.
:o) Carla

Amy D said...

I've been singing "Thriller" all day long today.

Anonymous said...

Someone told me this weekend he was 50 something. Young?
Depending on what side of that age bracket you're on!!
today in a church meeting the missionaries thought someone was around 50. The mission leader didn't think so. The mission leader, obviously was a little closer to the woman's age! To a 19 year old, anyone over 30 has one foot in the grave!!