Thursday, June 11, 2009

3 kids/3 countries

I talked to my sister-in-law Kim yesterday and she commented that her 3 kids were in 3 different countries: Ian is on his mission in Argentina, Jamel and his buddy are spending 49 days in Europe and were in Belgium, and Adrienne is on a 2-week school sponsored trip to Europe and was in Germany.

Here's a picture of Adrienne's travel group (she's in green).

Lucky kids!!


Natalie said...

That is lucky. My niece is leaving for a three week trip to Europe too. I went too when I was in High School and it is such a great experience. Hope she has fun.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Nothing like that for me when I was in High School.


gigi said...

Yep, they are all very lucky. Did you hear about those Florida youth in quarantine in China? The Chinese thought they might be carring the swine flu. It really stinks that they are spending their school trip that way.

Jenny said...

short term goal: take a trip to Europe.

amydear said...

That's a lot of kids in a lot of countries to worry about! I hope they all have safe travels.