Monday, June 08, 2009

The Graduate(s)

Last night the LaPierres hosted a Graduation Party for the seniors in the ward (and the Lynnfield Ward) which included their 10th and final child to graduate (Laree). It was fun to be with ward friends to celebrate these amazing youth. Laree is going to BYU. Zoe is going to BYU Idaho. Sam is going to BYU. And, Kyle is going on a mission to Kennewick, WA (and playing football at Tufts when he returns). They are all really cool kids and they will be missed.


rebecca said...

When we moved into the Arlington Ward these "kids" were still in primary. I taught these girls in Activity Days and am amazed at the transformation...both are beautiful, inside & out. Sounds like a fun celebration. It's hard to believe the LaP's will be empty nesters after all of these years. Amazing.

Chris and Kim said...

I was going to say the same thing Rebecca said. I can't believe those "little kids" have grown up! Wow!

amydear said...

I love to see these kids all grown up, although I can't believe it. Good luck to all of them!