Monday, March 27, 2017

The Boss

This morning while driving to work I finished listening to “Born to Run” on CD. Wow. I loved it. The best part was that Bruce Sprinsteen himself read his book. This book is an honest, raw biography of my favorite rock star. I learned about Bruce from my brother Robes who seriously was his #1 fan. Really. My first Springsteen concert (and I think I’ve been to 7 or maybe 8 between LA, Boston, and Miami) was at the LA Sports Arena with Robes. I was shocked when Robes stood on his chair and sang and danced and screamed; I had never seen Robes like that! Springsteen is an amazing performer (3+ hour concerts--the best!). I’ve bought keychains at the last few concerts I’ve gone to and I buried them at Robes’ grave in Florida. I enjoyed hearing about Bruce's life and how he became famous, his family relationships, and about his wife and kids. One of my favorite things he said (about his kids) is, “As parents you are their audience; they are not meant to be yours.” And I loved what he said about his wife Patti Scialfa: "I let Patti know me." He had a strong connection to LA and he talked about riding his motorcycle for miles in Southern California; all places I’ve been. Anyway, part of me is sad that the book is over. Good thing I have a copy of the book and this poster on my bedroom wall to remind me that Bruce is The Boss. #epcondo2017 #brucespringsteen

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