Monday, March 25, 2013

Hopping on the B.T. Express

We're up to 16 years since Robes' brain tumor diagnosis.  I took this photo the day after I flew to Florida to help out.  It was Easter Sunday--he was the bishop and supposed to give a talk in church.  Instead, he ended up in the hospital that day and in surgery two days later.  He lived 18 months and 3 days from the day of his diagnosis.

I'm convinced he'd still be a hot-shot sports writer with a famous blog or TV gig and I would still be his proud (favorite) sister.  I miss so many things about him every day.


LL said...

I can't imagine!
Brothers are the best!!

Jenny said...

I love that it's YOU who are the hot shot famous blog writer, keeping his memory alive.

Rachel said...

Maggie's diagnosis day is March 24th, almost the same day. Diagnosis day still makes me sad, it's just heavy and tender at the same time.

Your blog is so awesome, it makes me want to get caught up on mine!

Alison Moore Smith said...

Oh, Ellen. I just saw this. I have a story about that Easter Sunday that I need to write down.

Nutshell: he called to ask me to speak on Easter Sunday on the program with him at the same time he told me about his diagnosis. It's kind of a funny/horrible story.

Just want you to know that Robes isn't forgotten. He still comes up in conversation all the time at our house. NOT because he died young, but because of who he is and how he lived.

Love you.