Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fabric stash

SEW...I'm going to visit friends this weekend (to take family photos) and decided tonight to make their little boy a smock.  I looked through my stash of fabric quickly and didn't see anything to use and immediately thought #imustgotojoanns.  Since they're closed and I have GOBS of fabric I looked again and found some cool cowboy fabric I bought in Utah. 

I've had a request to see my fabric stash so here it is.  That red shelf is an antique pie holder I bought in Maine about 15 years ago.  The 12 foot IKEA shelf is filled with lots of my favorite fabrics.  It's not really 12 feet.  It's probably 6 feet tall.  I have a few more drawers of fabric in another room.  #ilovetosew #ilovefabric #fabrichoarder #obvs AND I have one row of that new quilt done!  #epcondo2017

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