Sunday, March 09, 2014

Relief Society day

To celebrate the birthday of the Relief Society, I asked six sisters to speak in Sacrament Meeting about "what Relief Society means to me".  I spoke first for one minute giving some quick comments about the Relief Society and outlining the program. There was some concern that the meeting would run over (not from me) but everyone stayed within their time limit (3-4 minutes) and we ended with 10 minutes to spare.  Or so I thought.  The member of the bishopric who was conducting asked if I'd get back up and share some additional thoughts.  I slowly stood up from my seat and spoke spontaneously for about 6 minutes.  Not my favorite thing…

During the third hour we had our traditional (we've done it once--it's a tradition!) Visiting Teaching Conference.  We had most of the women in the ward in one room (a rarity) and it was a really nice meeting.  I spoke, the Visiting Teaching Coordinator spoke and then three women shared their thoughts about Visiting Teaching.  We had cookies, fruit cups, and cute little water bottles with a thought taped on them: "If monthly visits aren't possible, please don't do nothing.  Be creative and find a way to connect with each sister." --Sister Parkin

It was a really wonderful day and I am happy that I could share it with all my [Relief Society] sisters.

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Jodi said...

I loved the Arlington RS. Best ever. We'll see if Millcreek 7th Ward can top it.