Saturday, September 28, 2013

Robes -- gone 15 years

Fifteen years ago today Robes passed away.  To be honest, it seems longer ago than that.  I think about him and miss him every day.  I watch his kids grow up and wish he was here to see them become amazing adults and see all the interesting things they are doing (college, travel, raising chickens!) and how much they look like him (though I have no idea where those boys got their height--I always say if cancer hadn't killed him, having boys well over six feet tall would have).  He was crazy about his kids.  I see Kim live her life without her best friend/eternal companion by her side but finding things in life to smile and be happy about.  As our parents age, I know Robes would be supportive and caring and helpful as we experience that together as a family.  The journalism/media industry has changed so much in the last 15 years but I just know Robes would have a famous blog or radio show or broadcasting gig since he was such a talented sportswriter.  Robes covered the Miami Heat for the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel from it's inception until his death and was a well-respected prize-winning writer (on my list of things to do -- convert the video from the dedication of the Robes Patton Memorial Press Room at the Miami American Airlines Arena to a digital format) -- I'll do it soon and post it).  Robes would be so happy about the Ft. Lauderdale LDS Temple; not just because it would be a half hour drive as opposed to the three-hour drive to the Orlando Temple, but that it means the church has grown so much in south Florida and will give more saints an opportunity to worship in the Temple closer to home.  Robes has missed so much and we miss him so much but I know God is being with us till we meet again.

This photo was taken in Portland, Oregon in January of 1998 -- the last time the 4 Patton siblings were together before Robes' death.  


LL said...

This is beautiful, EP!

tmkimberly said...

Great photo. Maybe he and Mat have found each other by now!