Saturday, September 28, 2013

Emmett's party

Katy did an amazing job with Emmett's party today.  There were balloons, cupcakes, popcorn, games, a photo booth, a fire truck, photos of Emmett and friends, and lots of people.  The weather was perfect and lots of people came to celebrate Emmett's 3rd birthday and end of chemo.  It was Katy's birthday today too so I got the cake that said, "AND, Happy Birthday, Katy!"  It was wonderful to celebrate with the Lillroses today!!!


Sweeney Household said...

Hands down, the COOLEST party ever! Katy is amazing. Dottie would be SO proud. :)

Annette said...

I knew if I came to your blog I would see Emmett's party captured in vivid color. Thanks so much for the pictures. I feel like I was able to walk around and see all the fun things Katy had put together and the joy on Emmett's face. How I wish I could have been there but live half way across the country.

LL said...

Looks like a HAPPY day! So colorful and fun.