Saturday, June 10, 2017

My condo

Twelve years ago today I bought my condo.  It was the best financial decision I've made and I think Janae and Adam Cox for encouraging me.  I had told other friends about this cool apartment in a converted school that was for sale and then Adam and Janae told me I should buy it so I called my other friends and told them I was thinking about buying it.  They really wanted to live in Boston so were OK with that.  Anyway, here are photos of my 4 favorite things about my condo: my BIG window (it's 6 feet wide and about 16 feet tall), central air (the control box is above the green 8), my chalkboard from MIT (that my friend Tadd saw in the hallway and snagged for me--before I worked there), and my amazing crawl space for storage (that yes, I have to crawl into).  I feel lucky EVERY day that I live here.  I have loved decorating it, entertaining lots of friends here and making it my home.  #condosweetcondo #LexingtonMA

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