Thursday, May 11, 2017

TBT: the Pattons at Bryce Canyon

I have been to Bryce and Zion since this trip but it's been YEARS.  I *might* find myself in southern Utah Memorial Day weekend so I'm looking for the Lazy Gal's guide to southern Utah's National Parks.  I don't want to hear about any 4-hour hikes, those slot canyons or Angels Landing (I just googled Angels Landing: NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED.  MORE FOR THE DIE HARDED--yeah, NO).  What about a 20-minute paved walk where I won't break a sweat?  Or seeing the wonders of the National Parks from the comforts of a rental car?  And while we're at it I'd love to hear any suggestions for food and fabric shops in the area.  #pattonmemories #wherearemytennisshoes #brycecanyon #whereisrobert #stillaskingthatquestion

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