Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Birthday, Sheryl

This is my friend Kimberly's mom Sheryl.  Sheryl visited Boston 3-4 times a year to help Kimberly care for her family and do projects around the house when Kimberly's husband Mat was battling cancer.  One of the times Sheryl visited, I picked her up at the airport.  On the way home I told her if she wanted a little break while she was here that we could go to lunch or on a day trip.  She thanked me but said she was here to help Kimberly.  I said I understood but if she wanted to go to Maine for a few hours I'd be happy to take her.  She then said, "Maine is the only state I haven't been to" and I said, "WE'RE GOING!" I took her on the Ellen Patton Tour of Maine which included lunch, antiquing, walking around York Beach and seeing Nubble Light.  And on the way I made her get out of the car at the Maine border to take this photo.  Sadly Sheryl passed away a few months after Kimberly's husband Mat did.  Sheryl was so kind and was a loving mother and grandmother.  I've thought about her a lot today since it's her birthday.

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