Saturday, April 26, 2014

Twenty dollars

My friend Jenny borrowed $20 from me on Monday at the Boston Marathon (she had no cash to buy her son a Boston Strong t-shirt).  I got this $20 bill in the mail today from her in a nice card.

It reminded me of a story my parents used to tell about when they were a young married couple with young kids.  My dad was a school teacher and sometimes when money got tight before pay day my parents would call our friends the Jensens (they lived in LaCrescenta and Joe was also a school teacher) and ask to borrow $20.  Joe and Gloria would mail a $20 bill to my parents and after payday my parents would mail a $20 bill back to them.  And sometimes the Jensens would call to borrow $20 before payday.  I like this nice story about friendship.

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Jennifer Whitcomb said...

I like having a friendship where asking to borrow $20 is not uncomfortable. Great story.