Monday, February 24, 2014

Does this count as a missionary moment?

I went to dinner in downtown Boston with friends Saturday night.  After dinner some of the group danced (not me).  The music was REALLY loud (I know…duh…it was a club…).  When we got up to leave a woman yelled to me, "What are you celebrating?"  I yelled back "just a fun night going to dinner."  She then yelled, "Where do you know each other from?"  I yelled back "CHURCH!"  She yelled "what church?"  I yelled "THE MORMON CHURCH."  "What?"  I yelled LOUDER, "THE MORMON CHURCH."  Again she yelled "what?".  I yelled even LOUDER, "THE MORMON CHURCH!"  She looked at me puzzled and yelled, "I thought you said MORMON!"  I yelled back, "I DID!"


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In Boston?

That is MOST CERTAINLY a missionary moment.